How to pay and make bank transfers for Web Of Friends services

To help our customers and make it a simple process, we looked a different options to manage payments and transfers.

After looking at several solutions, we decided to count on TransferWise to help make everyone’s life easier.

This video will help you understand how it works:

With TransferWise you can hold more than 40 currencies. Local bank details are available for receiving money in GBP, EUR, USD or AUD, with more coming soon.

With the borderless account, you only pay a small fee to convert currencies — either in your account or when paying with your card in a currency you don’t have in your account.

It’s free to get a borderless account and debit card. Although the debit card is only available in Europe at the moment.

It’s also free to get your bank details, hold multiple currencies and get paid from over 30 countries.