Project Description

Top Diving in the Canary Islands is a family run business.

They needed to re-brand their online presence and improve their website. Within their budget.

The website was built on a modern platform, using as much of the screen size as possible. It is now a fully responsive website that displays on all devices properly.

Maintenance for the website is provided by Web Of Friends and is performed daily.

Website management:
  • Maintenance/ updates/ upgrades/ backups and security
  • Backups of files and databases
  • Add/ remove/ correct text/ pages on request
  • Performance/ website speed
  • Managing Cloudflare, another layer of security for the sites
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Monthly reports
  • Peace of mind. You know you are dealing with me, not HostGator. I also have a pretty good response time when there is a problem to solve quickly
  • Ensure that your site is running on Https – Google is cracking down on websites that are not secured with SSL and brings them down in the rankings
  • Regular database cleaning.

E-Commerce was recently implemented through the site and a SEO strategy developed to help bring not only the pages but also the products in searches.

It is hosted on Web Of Friends server at SiteGround.

Virtual Private Server and some of the advantages of having a site on VPS are:

Segregation: Each virtual server is segregated from other servers on the same platform and there is no direct effect of one server’s activity and customization over the other server.

Performance: The performance of VPS is noticeably higher than the shared server and little lower than the dedicated server. As it has allocated amount of resources in terms of CPU usage, memory and RAM; virtualization works best for small and medium size website.

Security: Another advantage of this system is its security. As individual servers are separated with each other, each website gets its own operating system and resources. This makes difficult for another server to invade the security.