Great! You decided that you would like to have a website.

UPDATE: As of 25 May 2018, your website will need to be GDPR compliant, if you want to show it to members of the EU.

If you did not get one already, you will need a domain name. Try to get a domain that best represent your business. There are many domain names providers to choose from. Here are 5 providers to get you started, in no particular order:

When you think about your domain name, think also about the following:

  • It should be easy to type. With easy spelling.
  • A short name is better than a long domain name.
  • Keywords. Try to have some of the important keywords for your business in that name. If you have a motor bike rental business for example, it could be
  • If you want to help your local search results, you could also have
  • The domain name should be easy to remember.

Now that your have your domain name, here are the steps to get you started:

Find a good hosting provider

For beginners, a simple rule is to always start small with a good shared hosting account.

A shared hosting account is cheap, easy to maintain, and sufficient for most new sites. It also lets you focus on building your site without having to worry about other server-side tasks such as database maintenance and server security.

Remember, you always have the option to scale up and upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting at a later stage when your site grows bigger.

Two very good hosts are:

Choose your Content Management System (CMS)

The top 3 CMS to first look into are:

They are Open Source and free to use.

Once you have installed your preferred CMS, you will get access to your website’s administration that gives you access to everything you need to do on your site. Add text, images and videos that you can style the way you want.

Having your own content manager gives you more control over the information you want to present. But if this looks like a little bit too much for you to do and you wish to have something simple and easy to start with you can look into:

For an e-commerce management system, you will find some very good ones:

So the best CMS will depend on what you want to present on the Web.

Once you have your CMS, you will need to decide on the design.

Here again you have some options.

  1. Use a standard or free website template. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal all give you  several free templates/ themes to use for your website.
  2. Use a professional template. If you prefer a lot more customizations and fine tuning to your website, this is the way to go.

Finally once you made the decisions that are right for you, it will need to get done.

Simple. Right?

Well, it is actually almost this simple.

If you have never built a website, it is also overwhelming.

When I built my first website it took some time to learn to perform all these steps the right way. I made mistakes and my first site most of the classic ones. It was my own website and that was OK. I needed to learn so that I could be very good at it.

You might not have all the time that is needed to go through all the trials and errors to get your website running. And this is where Web Of Friends can help.

We have a simple way to get started on your website. And the only first step you need to follow is to contact us at Web Of Friends.

Tell us what you need and we will help make it happen.

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