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We have a passion about building websites and can help you build a site or fix an issue. With your website in mind, we will assist you in finding options and suggestions to help your website online presence. Web Of Friends worked on several projects for small and medium businesses. We can offer website solutions for a clean new responsive design for your site. Complete maintenance, SEO and copywriting services are available.

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Website Design

Make your brand stand out online with a professional website, store, blog or portfolio.

Original Ideas

Web of Friends will turn ideas into a reality by creating a website that is responsive and user-friendly.

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Keep your online business thriving with regular website maintenance and optimization.

Updated & Secured

We have a good track record of providing quality customer service and keeping websites running efficiently.

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SEO & Copywriting

We create content relevant to your audience, making sure your site is clear and informative.

Engaging Web Copy

This will increase engagement and convert website traffic into sales.

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Modern Websites

A modern website design produces positive results for your business. Having a modern look to your website will make customers feel that you have the same attributes.

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Web Of Friends is your best choice if you are looking for web developers who value customer service and helping small businesses.

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Website Design

Your website is your primary online presence and its design plays a big role in the way your visitors experience it. By having a smart and creative website, you can stand out from the competition and provide a unique, positive experience for your visitors.

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A responsive website design will perform on a variety of devices and windows or screen sizes. Your site should look great on any device. Your website should appeal to visitors in a polished and professional way. This can be the first impression that these visitors will get with your company. While we build your website, you can focus on your business. Customizing your website to fit your business needs and fit your brand.

We work with you to schedule, prioritize and agree with the steps needed to deliver efficient and effective work.

Our goal is to use the latest technology and Google recommendations for websites optimization from the beginning.

Before the site is ready to go live you can review the result and request modifications for your website.

Browser Testing. Responsive Design Testing. Speed Testing. Broken Link Testing. Readability Testing. before launching the site.

If everything is to your satisfaction, the website can go live and, we will make sure it all works from the start.

Website SEO & Copywriting

Website design isn’t everything. It is important to have engaging text that helps communicate your message and attract your target audience. Maintaining and creating new content for your website will ensure you are more successful with search engine rankings.

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Let us know if you want to learn how to grow your company’s website presence on the web. Your clients and customers might be searching for your local business and our SEO strategies can help. A well implemented Search Engines Optimization strategy is one of the top priority to implement. It starts as we build your website by focusing on Quality Content and other important factors. Search Engines Optimizations strategies are evolving regularly. We follow Google’s Best Practices recommendations.

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance plans cover tasks like backing up website files and updating software and plugins. These small things can make a big difference in how your site performs. Your website must be online and ready for customers. Presenting your business at its finest.

Website maintenance keeps them running at their best. If you don’t maintain your site on a regular basis, you may be losing money. Your website must be online and ready for customers. Showing off your business at its finest. We are available to assist with any major changes to your website or other aspects of your online business. Please get in touch if you need assistance with you website maintenance and optimization.


Start today and turn your website visitors into customers!

Good website engagement helps sell your products or services. It makes for loyal customers who will stay with your brand. Effective engagement leads to higher conversions and improves brand awareness.

We build websites & design them to convert.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for web solutions, look no further. Web solutions we offer are one-stop shop for everything web.

A vast web of possibilities to improve your site!

With Web Of Friends you can explore the extensive range of possibilities available to improve your online presence!